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Rithik's Roots

Born and raised amidst the vibrant streets of central Bangalore, India, Rithik's very essence is interwoven with the soul of his beloved city. Every corner, every bustling street, and every smiling face he encountered has left an indelible mark on his spirit, shaping him into the person he is today. The challenges that came his way, like hidden potholes on the road, only fueled his determination. Within this chaos, he learned to adapt, to navigate the twists and turns with unwavering grit. The city taught him that every hurdle was an opportunity for growth, every setback a chance to rise higher.

Nestled within the vibrant enclave of High Point Apartments, his childhood unfolded like a symphony of friendship and unbridled play. High Point, it was there that he forged unbreakable bonds with neighboring kids, their shared adventures becoming the stuff of legend. From spirited cricket matches under the scorching sun and football battles to exhilarating games of hide and seek, police and robbers, goal spot, and red ass, every moment was infused with the purest essence of joy. The nights came alive with magical picnics under the stars, their laughter mingling with the crackling warmth of bonfires. High Point Apartments became a treasure trove of memories, an idyllic haven where time stood still and the spirit of childhood thrived.

Schooling and University

A timid boy, drawn to sports and reluctant toward school, followed his friends to St. Josephs Boys' High School. Unaware of the impact it would have, the journey would profoundly transform his life, bestowing upon him purpose and a profound sense of belonging, as he embraced the school's motto 'Fide et Labore', meaning 'Faith and Toil'. While a boys' school may raise eyebrows among people, who might believe it is challenging to prepare students for a diverse coeducational world, the undeniable truth is that each one of us emerged from those hallowed halls as more than just respectful and responsible individuals; we blossomed into compassionate, affectionate, and empathetic human beings. Within the nurturing walls of our boys' school, we made unbreakable bonds, cultivating friendships founded on trust, loyalty, and unwavering support, turning us boys into real men. If Rithik could turn back the hands of time, there is no doubt that his heart would yearn for those cherished school days. 

Embarking on his educational journey, he enrolled in Jain College for his 11th and 12th grades, where he met with new people and gained wisdom from diverse individuals. Despite a poor performance in 11th grade, he rallied and achieved a remarkable 90% in his 12th board exams. While succeeding in the board exams, he faced challenges in entrance exams, particularly those that required quick decision-making.


Eventually, he secured admission to Bangalore Institute of Technology to pursue Computer Science and Engineering, where he deepened his understanding of the subject. Outside the classroom, football became his refuge, as he spent countless hours practicing and perfecting himself in the game. It was through perseverance and dedication that he transformed into a skilled midfielder. Breaking a goal drought in his second year, he went on to become the top goal scorer, boasting a flawless penalty record and earning the captaincy of the team. However, his journey took an unfortunate turn when a freak footballing accident resulted in an ACL tear, forcing him to step away from the sport for nine months. Despite the disappointment, he emerged from this challenging phase as a person of unwavering determination, resilience, and profound humility, forever grateful for the lessons learned.

During his recovery from the injury, he stumbled upon the captivating realm of artificial intelligence. Although his academic curriculum touched on AI/ML, it was through his final year project and the enlightening courses on Coursera, taught by the esteemed Andrew Ng, that he truly solidified his understanding of this transformative domain. Mesmerized by the astounding resemblance between a mathematical function and the intricate workings of a neural cell, he found himself irresistibly drawn to the path of artificial intelligence. His journey into the depths of AI continued as he made the decision to pursue an MS in AI at Boston University. Relocating to Boston proved to be a challenge, for he was accustomed to the comforting presence of his family. The initial semester was far from a cakewalk, as he grappled with the rapid pace of life in this vibrant city. Yet, through perseverance and an unwavering sense of responsibility, he gradually adapted to his new surroundings, surmounting the hardships that had initially beset him. These early struggles served as valuable lessons, equipping him with the resilience and fortitude needed to navigate the subsequent semesters with greater ease and confidence.


Rithik's heart beats passionately for the world of sports, both as a player and as an ardent spectator. The sheer thrill and adrenaline rush he experiences through sports are unparalleled, igniting a fire within him that nothing else can replicate. If his path had veered away from Artificial Intelligence, it is quite likely that he would have found his calling in the realm of sports, for it is a realm where he finds pure joy and unadulterated happiness.

During his school days, Rithik actively participated in cricket, showcasing his skills and dedication to the game. As he progressed to university, he went on to become the captain of the football team, embodying the spirit of a true team player who comprehends the intricate dynamics necessary for a team's success. The camaraderie, the shared goals, and the collective triumphs all resonated deeply within his soul.

In moments of leisure, Rithik finds solace in the melodies of old-school pop music, which makes him nostalgic and evokes a myriad of emotions. He is an avid movie enthusiast, perpetually captivated by exceptional acting performances that seamlessly transport viewers on a journey, as if they were right by the actor's side throughout. Furthermore, Rithik's affection for dogs knows no bounds. You'll often find him gravitating towards the presence of a canine companion, immersing himself in the boundless love and warmth that they effortlessly radiate.

The desire to explore, wander, and embrace new experiences has always burned brightly within Rithik's soul. The allure of travel beckons him, drawing him towards unfamiliar lands, captivating traditions, and the enchanting essence of capturing fleeting moments. For him, each adventure becomes an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to weave together unforgettable memories that forever enrich his spirit.

Rithik's love for food knows no bounds, as he eagerly embraces the opportunity to savor different cuisines. However, he also possesses a discerning palate and pays close attention to the precise balance of flavors, ensuring that each dish meets his expectations. For Rithik, food is not just nourishment but a source of joy and exploration, allowing him to experience diverse cultures and traditions through the universal language of taste.


Machine learning possesses an incredible trait in versatility. It holds the power to transcend boundaries, finding applications in diverse domains and providing solutions to a vast array of challenges. Take healthcare, for instance, machine learning can serve as a guiding light in diagnosing diseases, predicting patient outcomes, and even accelerating drug discovery. And let's not forget about transportation, where it can work wonders by optimizing routes, predicting traffic patterns, and making autonomous driving systems smarter than ever. The possibilities truly seem boundless.

However, as we delve deeper into the realm of AI and machine learning, it's crucial to pause and reflect on the ethical implications they bring along. While we marvel at their potential, it's our responsibility to ensure they're harnessed in a way that's fair, transparent, and accountable. We must guard against biases and discrimination, always striving for a level playing field. By infusing our journey with empathy and a human touch, we can build AI systems that not only excel in performance but also uphold the values and aspirations of our collective humanity. Together, let's forge ahead, embracing the potential of AI while nurturing a world that is just, inclusive, and compassionate.

Rithik firmly believes in the philosophy that life is an eternal journey of growth and learning. He holds the belief that when one ceases to learn, a part of their inner being begins to wither away. To him, the key to vitality lies in continuously stimulating the mind with new knowledge and experiences. Whether it be through books, conversations, or exploration, Rithik understands the importance of keeping the brain invigorated by actively seeking and absorbing information. By embracing this mindset, he strives to keep his intellectual flame burning brightly and his thirst for knowledge unquenchable.

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